Michael Massen’s published writings are devoted to sharing knowledge and insight into the tehniques of drawing.

His books, especially, are based on original investigations and techniques to address difficult areas of drawing in which he, himself, found little available guidance as a student or beginning professional.


Book cover of Figure Drawing in Proportion

Figure Drawing In Proportion

Easy to Remember, Accurate Anatomy for Artists

May, 2016, North Light Books

Whether drawing, painting, or sculpting, having a ready sense of the expected proportions of a figure is vital.

Most instruction in proportion, however, is based on the memorization of the body parts as various fractions of head-lengths, a practice which I always found difficult. This book, by contrast, presents figure proportion as a system of:
- comparable dimensions
- that are memorable, and
- lets the artist use his or her own body as a guide.

Book cover of The Artist's Guide to Drawing the Clothed Figure

The Artist's Guide to Drawing the Clothed Figure

December, 2011, Watson-Guptill Publications

For years, both as a student and a professional artist, I had been unable to find — in print or in the classroom — a method of rendering clothes or folds that made sense to me.

After developing a new approach inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, I am delighted and proud to say that the book was published as a beautiful, 224 page hardcover volume, by Watson-Guptill Publications.

In addition to being sold on Watson-Guptill's web site, The Artist's Guide to Drawing the Clothed Figure is available from these fine sources:

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